Nice to have you here! I am a promoter of healthy Raw Desserts. I love high quality ingredients and food prepared with love and care. During the summer time I spend time in nature and harvest finnish wild herbs, mushrooms, berries, nuts and other edibles to spice up foods and raw desserts and connect to farmers nearby. I’m a fan of beautiful presentation and anything done extremely well. I also photograph all of the pictures myself with my sweet Canon 5D Mark IV.

Amazingly nutrient-dense, enzyme-rich, full-flavored raw foods are definitely worth of so much more in the culinary and gourmet world. Raw food is for my opinion “all in one”: easy, nourishing, environmentally friendly, healthy, delicious, healing and full of oportunities with all new techniques and equipment. Grows some curiosity to try new foods and ingredients. My dad is a huntsman and I have learned to appreciate this opportunity to high quality cooked game and seasonal foods combined with vibrant, fresh raw and fermented foods. Im a fan of keto and macrobiotic foods. Also, just how fun is it to be able to have ice cream for breakfast that is so full of nutrients that you can enjoy it without any guilt? I love that freedom in these foods.

I have made raw desserts to cafèes around Helsinki and the airport, and to different events like birthdays and weddings, wrote a handful of recipe e-books in Finnish, customized recipes to a few companies, founded a cafeteria of my own along with the cake factory, and published one real hardcover book while running in meetings, interviews, radio shows and television shows. Raw Desserts have been featured in finnish television program: “Good Morning Finland”.

To keep my creativity flowing I do a lot of sports. I constantly study and spend time experimenting, entertaining the inner genius scientist in me.

In the past years I lived in four different countries and got frustrated of how so many good new raw-organic services weren’t in English so I didn’t understand a word. Thats why I want to use English more. I am fond of the English vocabulary.

In a nutshell I am having a great time sharing my passion to you all.

At the time I’m working on a few things, which I publish when it’s the time. It’s going to be huge and I’m super exited of it. If you are visiting in Helsinki, be sure to find some raw cakes! I have many more projects going on too and plans to surprice you!

You can find few of my recipes in English on: HERE’S A COOL VIDEO!

I also use English here at the super duper instagram, check it out! If you got anything you want to ask or cooperate, feel free to send me an e-mail to

With ♥, Maria